31/12/07 - Dennis' Jimny - UPDATED!

Dennis has sent in some new pictures of some extreme green laning! Looks like it might have needed a bit more than T-Cut to clean it afterwards.

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04/01/08 - Tom's Jimny

These pictures are from Tom Marrion of his smart looking Jimny.

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27/11/07 - Andy's Jimny

Some of the modification articles on this site have been sent in by Andy. The current specification of his Jimny is:

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28/11/07 - Hand Throttle

Again,thanks to Andy for this one. Most off-roading involves low speed maneuvoring and control. This can be difficult to achieve on the foot throttle, particularly when winching out of a problem. With winching you need to achieve a slow steady rotation off the wheels or a steady charging current from the alternator to assist the batteries, therefore steady control of the throttle is required....


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27/11/07 - Rear Wheel Carrier

Andy has kindly sent in some pictures of his rear wheel carrier as a follow on to my article on fitting the spare wheel (see: Rear Tyre Mount).

The age old problem is that larger tyres need off-settting from the door to stop them fouling the bumper and permitting the rear door to close properly. Andy has designed and built a "Swing Away" carrier that not only solves this problem but also deals with the weight issue of the wheel. In my solution the weight is carried by the rear door and based on past experience with the SJ series this will eventually lead to "door sag". In Andy's solution the weight is carried by the rear bumper......


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