08/05/09 - Roof Lights

I have forgotton to mention that I have added on some roof lights. The car has had roof lights since the earliest pictures I have seen from the previous owners. There has only been one small downside, they were never wired in. In fact, they have no insides. More to the point, what insides they do have has rusted to nothing.

I got some nice stainless steel Wipac lamps from Devon 4x4. I chose stainless so they will not rust. I had already put the wiring and relays in when I re-wired the car but I gave up when I pulled the cover off the original lights to find they are empty.

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01/05/09 - Re-greasing the Winch

Having had the winch sat on the front of the Jimny for a year the salt spray, mud and water have taken its toll and its many some very expensive noises as it rotates. Therefore I have stripped and re-built it and, of course, written a "how to" guide along the way.

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27/03/09 - Rocklobster Update

You will have seen in my other articles that I have fitted a Rocklobster Transfer Box using an Offroad Armory mounting kit. My kit was an early production model and I had problems with clearance between the transmission tunnel and during testing the other week we had a "Tink Tink Tink" noise which turned out to be a balance weight hitting the gearbox remote mechanism.

Rob, from Off-Road Armory has contacted me to explain that the kit now comes with new mounts to replace the standard Jimny ones that were originally re-used in the early versions of the mount kit....

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8/03/09 - Fitting the RockLobster

Those of you who have been following this website will have seen that I have been building a RockLobster Transfer Box....

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28/01/09 - Richard Wattams' Rocklobster Speedo Modification

Here is a real winning modification thats going to become a bit of a legend in the future!

As you may know, Jimny Transfer boxes are under geared for off-road use and a popular modification is to put on a Transfer Box from an SJ, either directly or as part of a RockLobster conversion.....

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