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Radio installation

Radio installation

The radio in LittleJimny has been playing up. We eventually decided to replace it with something a little better that will at least support an Iphone connection.

The later Jimnys have a DIN2 radio slot which has been customised with a styled fascia opening, note the curved corners.


These curves mean a standard DIN2 Radio does not fit. Also it turns out that DIN2 radios can have two different sizes of radio! (and I thought DIN was a STANDARD).

So here are pictures of a DIN2 radio not fitting properly.

Note the gap at the right hand edge.



Also a gap at the left hand edge


Therefore I bought a cheap fascia adaptor from China off Ebay. You have to choose the correct one for a Sony.


This then fits around the radio BEFORE re-placing the main dashboard panel and tidys the whole installation up.




Being cheap its not a perfect fit but at least it now looks as if the radio belongs in the car.


New Speakers
Alloys swapped over.