16/01/11 - North East Visit to Pea Farm

Five of our members from the North-East ventured over to Pea Farm for a mini-meet.

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21/03/10 - 2010 National Indoor Show

So were you there??

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07/03/10 - Nellies Dell

So with it being the first Sunday of the month it was off to Nellies Dell. As always it's been a bit touch and go whether we would be able to go. The replacement (updated design) axle shaft retainers from Muddyzook appeared at the end of last week and had to be fitted before I could go anywhere as my use of the hub backing plate was causing problems. However, I decided that one of the rear wheel bearings needed to be replaced whilst I had it all in bits so I did that as well.

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03/03/10 - Next outing

I managed to get the new axle retainers and replacement brake pads fitted to BigJimny last night (an updated article on fitting the rear disks will follow soon). Therefore we are ready for the Thames Valley 4x4 event this weekend at Nellies Dell, Hampshire - see DETAILS HERE - Does anyone else in the south feel like coming along?
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07/02/10 - Oxley's Shaw

Of to the TV4x4 monthly off-roading event, this month at Oxley's Shaw. We ran a tracking device so you can see where we went, if you track over to the left hand side of the overall picture and zoom in on the end you can see us going around the course!

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