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20/10/08 - Broxhead Common

We had a great day at Broxhead Common with TV4x4. Didn't get stuck once, although in all honesty we didn't try some of the difficult/wet sections as I was not willing to risk soaking the new clutch.

Only had a couple of problems, we found that the winch earth was dodgy so it needs to be re-made (we had to recover a couple of other vehicles) and I still have some sort of problem with the clutch or transmission. When you sharply release the clutch there is a loud BRRRT! noise, like a machine gun. The general feeling is that the clutch cable is sticking momentarily allowing the clutch to slip and as the clutch is still quite heavy to use I suspect that the cable inner may be worn (apparantly a very common Jimny fault).

There is an extensive album of pictures in the TV4x4 gallery HERE 

The most exciting element was that there was a good complement of Suzuki Jimnys! This is the first event I have attended where there has been other Jimnys. I have put the pictures below.














21/10/08 - Montys Jimny
20/10/08 - Ash's Jimny (updated)