Hub Nut Tool

Hub Nut Tool

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This is the special tool required to undo the front hub nut when changing the Front Wheel Bearing or performing other major work on the front hub

This only fits a Suzuki Jimny, it DOES NOT fit Vitaras etc.

Tool features a 1/2" Drive and is made of high quality Cromoly (CrMo) Steel.

(Note: it is not required when changing the KingPin Bearings).

Inside the hub is a locking nut with holes drilled in it. This tool fits the holes to permit the releasing of the nut. The nut has an outer edge that forms part of the vacuum sealing system so you do not want to damage the nut by chiseling it off, use the proper tool!


1. The nut is locked in place with a small indent on the inner edge, you MUST bend out the indent or you will never get the nut off
2. It is possible to break this tool through mis-use. Do not hammer it. I have managed to break the pins on the genuine and very expensive Suzuki tool!

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You need it !

The Suzuki dealer asked me a little fortune to perform the changing of the front wheel bearings.I was convinced that I can perform by myself, but.... I was missing the special tool. Well, it is pretty expensive but it compensated a lot by not paying the dealer's service. It is a strong piece of metal, but the pins seemed to me also to be fragile. So, after I tried to unlock the nut with a regular wrench on the tool and nothing happened, I was afraid that I am going to damage the tool. So I used a long piece of pipe (1m)to extend the wrench. It worked out from the first try. So the tool can take it, but you have to give it: straight and at once; no hammer, no nothing. Be carefull that the tool is properly fitted with the pins into the holes or you might damage bot the tool and the nut. Good luck !Valentin (10 May 2014, 20:30)
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