Manufacturers of OEM equivalent aftermarket Jimny parts

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The purpose of this article is to list all the supposed manufacturers of aftermarket spare parts which are allegedly OEM equivalents for genuine Suzuki Jimny parts.

The word supposed is highlighted because some of aftermarket manufacturers are nothing more than re-packaging distributors. They source their parts from (usually) who-knows-who and just put them in their own branded packaging. This concept does not have to imply poor quality. Additional notes are present where such "manufacturer" is determined or just suspected.

Many manufacturers have their headquarters in a different country than their production facilities, or even just their web site registered in a different country (thus having that country's web domain suffix), all in order to make the naive visitor believe that each of their employees is a pure-blooded national of that country and that they produce all the products in that country while singing their national anthem and with raw materials excavated from that country's soil.

"OEM equivalent" means that the part adheres to the original design and performance specifications of the genuine spare part.

In other words, this list does not contain specialized manufacturers of tuning / super-performance / modification / upgrade / pimped-up parts which are supposed to modify the vehicle and obviously stray away from original Suzuki design. Examples of such parts would be coil springs and shock absorbers designed for heavy duty all terrain use, LED headlamps, heavy duty CV joints, polyurethane suspension bushes, etc.

Note Icon.pngSpecialized manufacturers and stores of "performance" aftermarket Jimny parts are listed in the wiki article "Specialized aftermarket Jimny parts sources".

"OEM equivalent" characteristic of an aftermarket spare part does not automatically imply that the part is of the same quality as a genuine part. In most cases, quality is inferior, and in many cases it is severely inferior. In some cases quality is comparable to the original. Only in rare cases, it is even better than the original.

List of manufacturers

The list below is sorted alphabetically. The list is missing many manufacturers which should be in it. Add those which are missing!

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