Well it finally came and now it is gone, I hope everyone enjoyed themselves!

If you want to relive the whole event then I am building a gallery of pictures and videos. Uploading has only just started so please bear with us as, for example, I have over 400 pictures myself plus whatever everyone else has.

So where is this appearing.....

Pictures and Videos are HERE

If you have pictures you can either send them to me or upload them yourself, contact me for details (martin@lines-family.com)


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01/8/08 - Update on MOT

Just an update (I am preparing a full article!)

Took the front hub off to find it full of water/grease....

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28/07/08 - Stu's Jimny

Thanks to Stuart Bell for sending in these pictures of his fully modified Jimny.

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24/7/08 - MOT Failure

So it never rains but it pours!

 Having rebuilt the entire rear end (trailing arm bushes) and replaced the front shock absorber rubbers I put it in for an MOT.

The failure list was extensive:

Front sidelight bulb - it was working when I tested it

Front nearside kingpin bearing - fair cop it was worse than I thought

Front offside Kingpin bearing - again worse than I thought

Front nearside wheel bearing - looked fine to me but now its in bits I can hear the noise 

Brake imbalance at the rear - going to be hard to find as the brakes are all new.

But strangest of all - Roll Cage!

Having passed the MOT in the last few years the Roll Cage managed to fail on "obscuring Area A on the windscreen"


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20/7/08 - Shock Absorber Rubbers

Will I ever get back off-roading!

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19/7/08 - Rebuilding the Trailing Arms

You will have read the article (HERE) about the problems I found with my trailing arms - so now on with the story of how to refurbish them.

Replacement bushes are available from Suzuki, for each trailing arm you require two axle end bushes and one body end bush.

The part numbers are:

Axle end: - 42682-81A00
Body end:- 46213-65D00

Be aware that originally Suzuki would only supply the complete trailing arm, they would not supply the bushes separately. Some dealers still think this is the case, simply quote the bush part numbers to them!

The picture below shows the new bushes. As you can see they are encased in a steel sleeve which is a real pain when it comes to pushing the old ones out.

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