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20/07/08 - Springs

If you look on the forums there is a bit of discussion about whether springs are "handed". The following information is from the manual....

Japanses Front - BOTH are 41111-82A30

Spanish Front - BOTH are 41111-82A20

But looking at the back..... For a right hand drive car..

Japanese Rear Left - 41111-81A30

Japanese Rear Right - 41111-81A50 ie. They ARE handed

For a left hand drive car:

Japanese Rear Left - 41111-81A40

Japanese Rear Right - 41111-81A40

They are NOT Handed Clearly they expect drivers in RHD vehicles to be fatter.

24/7/08 - MOT Failure
20/7/08 - Shock Absorber Rubbers

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