Here is an approximate breakdown of the Jimny UK model range - note some local variations may occur (late/early registrations)

Year/Engine  JLX  JLX+ O2 Special Mode Life
1998 - G13BB  X          
1999 - G13BB  X          
2000 - M13AA  X          
2001 - M13AA  X          
2002 - M13AA  X     X   X
2003 - M13AA  X   X X  X X
2004 - M13AA  X   X X  X X
2005 - M13 VVT  X   Early (not VVT?)    X  
2006 - M13 VVT  X X      X  
2007 - M13 VVT  X X        

The G13BB engine is the SOHC fuel injected development of the older Samurai engine - approx 80HP

The M13A engine is a DOHC fuel injected engine - approx 82 HP

The M13AA VVT is a DOHC Variable Valve Timing fuel injected engine - approx 85HP

The VVT engine vehicles have an all electric transfer box