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Hardtop available

13 Sep 2017 12:03 #184078 by mlines
mlines created the topic: Hardtop available
Occasionally I get parts offered from Suzuki that cannot be sold to their customers as new. I currently have a hardtop kit for a soft-top jimny.
Why spend the winter under the damp of a soft-top with a musty smelling Jimny? This is a genuine hardtop which means it has a proper headlining and proper lined pillars unlike some more expensive copies on Ebay from Poland.

Complete with heated rear screen.

These cost anything from £1,100 to £1,300 new depending on where you source it from. If your soft-top is ripped and the framework is rusty then you are looking at a lot of money to replace the parts, why not go hard-top instead?

This is a "refurbished" one that had a couple of minor scratches on the bottom edge which have been touched out with black paint. This is the very lower corner that meets up with the original car body work and is very discrete. I occasionally get access to these as Suzuki cannot sell them new. As the packaging has been around the country the box is battered however it is complete and apart from some storage dust is in excellent condition.

The attached pictures show where it has been rubbed at the bottom when in the package and how it has been touched up .


You will need quite a large car or trailer to take it away. Alternatively for £50 more I will help you fit it on my drive one afternoon so you could drive up, fit it and drive away (couple of hours to fit)



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