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Jimny gearbox / prop oil leak

05 Nov 2022 16:08 - 05 Nov 2022 16:11 #245772 by reidtastic
Hi all,

noticed a bit of oil spotting on the drive and had a look under the car today and noticed the oil is gathered arround the UJ on the prop as it exits the gearbox.

so based on this I’m going to assume gearbox oil seal, wear on the shaft or the prop leak. I’m not one for doing things twice so I’m just going to do the GB seal and seal the end of the small shaft with some epoxy weld and silicon - if I find damage to the seal running surfaces on the shaft then I’ll need to get a new one.

Couple of questions.
1)best place to get a gearbox seal 2009 Jimny
2) is accessing the fill hole in the gearbox as much of a pain the ass as it looks
3) gearbox oil type and quantity think I seen 1.1L ? 
4) can I drop the prop without removing anything else ? 
5) I’ll be working with a minimal lift, just plan on driving the wheels on to a kerb and the other side on  wood, so a lift of around 5” - will this cause any issues ?

thanks in advance ??
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09 Nov 2022 10:46 #245840 by Danparry

I had the same issue with mine I replaced the rear gearbox prop shaft seal and also sealed the propshaft seal up with jb weld, it's fixed my leaking problem.

It's apparently a common problem.

I just got my seal from suzuki, can't remember how much but it was very cheap.

The fill hole isn't to bad just in a tight spot.

The oil quantity from memory is about 1.3 litres 75w90 oil

Just raise the rear of the car up when talking prop shaft out and you won't loose alot of gearbox oil then,

Getting the prop out was easy I just unhooked my exhaust of there hangers to give me more room when taking prop out

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