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M16a vvt to automatic box

15 Jul 2021 08:50 #236694 by Mrgreg
Sorry, if I’ve asked this question before, but has anyone put a 1600 to an automatic box, will it take the increase in power ??. Cheers

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15 Jul 2021 08:55 #236695 by Lambert
Replied by Lambert on topic M16a vvt to automatic box
There is conflicting information on this. Some people have had success with it with additional oil cooling and others have been plagued with problems. Reading between the lines I think the automatic is probably OK with the standard setup, it will suffer bigger tyres or slightly more torque but won't cope with both at the same time.

Temeraire (2018 quasar grey automatic)
The last of the gen3s, probably.

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15 Jul 2021 15:32 - 15 Jul 2021 15:33 #236707 by zebooka
Replied by zebooka on topic M16a vvt to automatic box
M18A + TW-40E + 1.32/2.64 + 4.09 + 235/75/15 + very large radiator. Temp was always 75-90 and only twice 100 degrees in the mountains.

AT was rebuilt (by myself) and I replaced frictions of direct and forward clutches. It lasted for 1.5 year, then died again. 3 and 4 speeds were slippering. So it means that direct clutch died again. Have not yet disassembled gearbox to check, replace and sell it (cause I'm now on MT R7ME with 0.795 fifth gears from second generation jimny).

So the main problem imho is that clutches have very small area of contact. That results in too high local temperatures (overall temp may be 90, but in contact it can be much much higher) and wear during gears switching. And also ATF pressure may be too low. One guy in Moscow does enforcement for TW-40E gearbox. He increases pressure, replaces hydro accumulators (not sure how they are called in english) springs, plus custom steel disks in clutch packets to increase number for friction pairs. But imho it does not worth it. Too much cost for this gearbox. Better to build custom 0372 from Vitara/Escudo.

But by experience is for M18A and stock transmission, while 29" tyres. While people with M15A and JA11 transfer case easily drive for years with 31" or even 33". So try it ) replacement of frictions is not much work. Imho it is easier and requires less tools than maintenance of MT gearbox.

JB43V M18A R7ME 0.795, 1.32/2.64, 4.09, 235/75/15, 4"
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15 Jul 2021 19:32 #236714 by Mrgreg
Replied by Mrgreg on topic M16a vvt to automatic box
Thanks for the response, I think I’ll go down the Vitara box and transfer.

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