Fully Floating Rear Axle Kit (20 Oct 2021)

Brett and Riccy are please to announce the

G&D Floating Axle Kit

This add-in kit enables you to enhance your Gen3 Jimny to a fully floating rear axle

Full details are in the download file below


File Attachment:

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What is this?

19 Apr 2021 20:35 #234571 by Rambo
What is this? was created by Rambo
Hi all, another stupid but genuine question from me, can someone please tell me what this is? 

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19 Apr 2021 20:38 #234572 by Rambo
Replied by Rambo on topic What is this?

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19 Apr 2021 21:32 - 19 Apr 2021 21:43 #234577 by Scimike
Replied by Scimike on topic What is this?
It's oil escaping from the axle due to the shaft seal leaking, usually as the kingpin bearings have or are failing.
Martin sells all the bits in the Big Jimny Shop and his "how to" video shows the seal being removed by "tool misuse" (his wise words).
Goto approx 3:26 to see the seal that's leaking, probably. It's a good video and if you own a Jimny something you will need to do eventually, so worth watching in full.

This assumes it's not just old oil from a previous leak, but time to have a feel for play in the bearings by lifting each wheel.

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20 Apr 2021 12:53 #234593 by DrRobin
Replied by DrRobin on topic What is this?
Or it is the Kingpin bearing grease getting washed out. Is it just one side (front right)?

To check for Kingpin bearing, jack up the car and grab the wheel top and bottom, any movement? Mine clicked as I rocked it.

Now grab the wheel at the sides and check for any movement. If you have vertical movement but not horizontal it is Kingpin bearings, if you have both it is more likely to be a wheel bearing.

I did both bearing on two different weekends (a month ago), the right hand side first, everything was siezed and took two days, the left hand side was the same, but knew what to expect and it took a day to do. As Mike says, you will need to do it sometime, so you can save a lot of money doing it yourself, the bearings and large dust seal are about £50 per side from Martin in the shop.

See the wiki for more help.


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20 Apr 2021 19:36 #234613 by RayPaterson
Replied by RayPaterson on topic What is this?
Everything said above. With the amount of dismantling and cleaning you will be doing to replace the seal you may as well replace the kingpin bearings unless money is tight.
A couple of things I found out recently. I hope these don't sound patronising but I learned them all the hard way.
Split the tie bar joint first, reconnect it last. (OK, wasn't obvious to me the first time). Makes it easy to swivel the joint to use breaker bar and torque wrench. You'll need the breaker bar unless you are Thor.
Tap the oil seal in well, it can come out otherwise.
You may well need to replace that big seal you can see in the pic. You can get that, and some lovely new bolts, from the Bigjimny shop.
Can't see your discs and pads but it's worth taking a look at them before you order parts and do all that dismantling and cleaning.
The circlip is one of the hardest parts. If you can get a couple of 25 mm external clips you don't need to be so careful getting them off.
The bolt you can see below the ABS sensor is probably seized solid. I drilled mine out and put a new nut and bolt in. The body of the sensor is plastic and has a brittle plastic ring to fit it tight. 
Martin's video and explanation are excellent.
I would also get all parts from the Bigjimny shop if you can.
Good luck.

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21 Apr 2021 16:15 #234628 by Busta
Replied by Busta on topic What is this?
There is no need to remove the circlip, or even the vacuum hub. With the brake caliper and ABS sensor removed the shaft can come out with the complete hub assembly.

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21 Apr 2021 16:50 #234630 by Roger Fairclough
Replied by Roger Fairclough on topic What is this?
All the above plus the need to investigate the condition of the steering ball surface. It looks pretty grotty to me so I suggest you clean them with a power wire brush and post some pictures for use to comment on.


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