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(Pre 2005 Jimny) Single DIN CB Radio using clock wiring.

18 Jul 2020 00:47 #225261 by SgtJim
Hi everyone,
I've got a 1999 Jimny with the pre 2005 dash. My plan is to fit a single din CB radio beneath the single DIN head unit, replacing the clock and empty slot. Is it possible/easy to use the clock wiring to power the radio? Is this a good idea?

I know it's possible to fit a second single din block there (see quoted post), but my question is more catered to the wiring.

I removed the clock/pocket and fitted CB into the din space and the mic sits in the little space to right.

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18 Jul 2020 10:44 #225273 by jackonlyjack
The clock wiring is so thin......but it would possibly work out ok
I use power direct from battery with in line fuse next to battery
This way if anything goes wrong with the car electrics and you loose power
Your cb will still work so you can call out for help ;)

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01 Aug 2020 01:34 - 01 Aug 2020 01:36 #225920 by SgtJim
Thanks for the reply, after a bit of work I have it fitting, but I haven't wired it up yet. With the setup you described, how do you enable it to turn on with ignition? Or you recommend having constant power if needed? Also what gauge did you run?
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02 Aug 2020 04:08 - 02 Aug 2020 04:11 #225961 by zukebob
It's been 40 plus years since I had a CB in my Land Cruiser and haven't kept up with (and don't remember) the power requirements. For my Dual Band mobile, the power source is supposed to be capable of at least 20 continuous amps. If your CB is even close to that, the lead wire for the clock wouldn't be able to handle that.

If you want the CB to have power when the ignition is on, I would tap into the cigarette lighter for a relay that would connect the CB. Once you do that, follow the wiring that Jack mentioned except for running the CB power lead through the relay. Alternatively, you could do exactly as Jack outlined assuming you have a good enough memory to power off the CB each time you leave the car.

I started out with nothing & still have most of it left
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