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2015 Jimny Horn that won't honk :-(

29 Jun 2020 12:34 #224229 by ablewrencher
Long time lurker first time poster. I have exhaustively searched for a fix on this issue and haven't come up with anything.

My 2015 Jimmy's horn sounded weezy and sad and then stopped working. Thinking it was the horn itself I replaced it with a new unit. When I press the horn button in the wheel nothing.

When I test for voltage at the horn wires, nothing.
No voltage on the black or black and white wire.

I have heard of a mystical horn relay but have not been able to find it anywhere. If it exists where would it be?

Things checked
Horn continuity - Check
Horn works connected directly to 12v battery
15amp fuse - continuity ( fuse is good and hazards work).
The air bag light is not on.

Is it the horn ring switch inside the steering wheel? Does this mean I have to replace the airbag and turn signal assembly? I'm wary of messing with an airbag assembly.

I'm just getting ready to sell the car and don't want to give it to someone when it won't pass inspection but that airbag/indicator assembly is pricey and there is no Suzuki dealer in my country.

Does anyone have a wiring diagram that would show the relay or could you describe to me where it would be. It's a gasoline vvt engine.

I figured I would post here and see if you good people could assist me.

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29 Jun 2020 14:20 #224236 by Lambert
Welcome to the forum. When mine died on Dreadnaught it was nothing more sinister than the wires into the connector having work hardened and snapped. Replacement with spade connections and still good after 6 years.

Dreadnaught (black 2011)

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04 Jul 2020 11:40 #224474 by ablewrencher
Hi Dreadnaught,

Thanks for the tips I made progress but still no luck.

I replaced the factory connection with two new spade connectors and replaced the horn as the old one was awfully rusty.

Between the positive battery terminal and each wire I now have 12v. Which I didn't have before. When I try the horn, I get nothing.

My hazards still work and the 15amp fuse still checks for continuity. I'll go swap out the current hazard fuse for a new 15amp in case it's opening up under the current draw of the horn.

What else can I check before sending it to the shop? I couldn't find a relay in the engine bay that triggers the horn. Is the horn switch in the wheel repairable or do I need the entire assembly?


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