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Engine Oil Treatment and Valve Tap on Startup

11 Jun 2020 14:35 - 11 Jun 2020 14:40 #223490 by Hank
Hey all, my 2005 DOHC jim developed a really loud valve tap on cold starts (morning only and lasts about 5 seconds then immediately goes away) I service it every 3 months as it does alot of driving daily and is coming close to 200k. I run 10w 40 but have been reading that 30 may be better, I also read if the tick is in the front of the engine it can be a stretching timing chain but the tap is coming from the top of the engine near the firewall (back)

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with oil treatments to free stuck lifters on jimnys. I have my reservations about engine treatments (can send debris where you don't want it) but I'd like to hear what you guys think.
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11 Jun 2020 16:59 #223498 by Scimike
I have no direct experience of those that claim to fix lifter issues, but I suspect like others I have actually tried their success actually depends upon what's wrong with the item in question. What I am trying to say is sometimes they will work, other times they will not.
Lifters are susceptible to dirt, so most "cures in a can" are cleaners to move on sludge deposits etc. This will only work if the problem is dirt related, a worn out lifter due to high mileage is unlikely to improve.
Thinner oil 10W30 may actually help (don't go thicker), and the fact you are changing the oil may also help to remove sludge. So try an oil change to 10W30 first and if it's still poor try the "cure in a can", why not?
But if it's still bad it could just be the high mileage catching up with your Jimny.
Hope the oil change sorts it.
Good luck

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11 Jun 2020 18:40 #223502 by Lambert
Have to say I'm not a fan of these snake oils that said a good quality oil flush is probably not a total waste of time on a mega mile vehicle. But if you are changing your oil quite often I'd be surprised if there was much buildup in the motor anyway.

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12 Jun 2020 09:48 #223523 by kirkynut
If it's only on the first 5 seconds of start up I wouldn't be too worried about it. Do a few oil changes in quick succession to clean it out, using Halfords oil as it's cheaper but not crap and use 5w30 as it's thinner to get everywhere.

The valve clearance is adjusted by changing bucket shims on the twin cam engines, which is time consuming to get right and you need to be accurate with your measurements or you'll buy shims too big and make them too tight, causing damage.

I suspect that the valve clearances are very slightly loose. Given it goes away within 5 seconds, I'd say that as the oil fills the gap it's so small it's not worth worrying about. I'd rather run slightly larger valve clearances than too tight and suffer a minuscule power loss from the valves not opening a minuscule amount as much than get my measurements wrong and run them too tight.

I've never heard of anyone actually changing the valve clearances on these. I think people just accept a tiny bit more noise or don't realise it is there as it's such a slow change.


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16 Sep 2020 15:59 #228260 by Hank
Just figured I'd update this in case anyone else looks this up and finds it. I ran 4oz of Seafoam in the Oil for about 3 days before my Oil Change & Service and since then I've had no more clacking noises on startup! It does really seem like there was a sludge issue, I've also switched to Castrol 10w40 from Valvoline to see if that helps with the buildup, but I'll definitely be using Seafoam more regularly before my Services.


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