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Starting Issues

12 Feb 2020 15:46 #218387 by skinnymik
Starting Issues was created by skinnymik
Just a quick follow on to the usual thread. Since my last conversation, relating to the Jimny failing to start without human intervention - ie., applying the accelerator, I have had the plugs changed to no avail. When it does start with added gas, bluey/black smoke exits from the exhaust. When the plugs were changed I was told they were 'sooted up' - does that tell me anything other than it's too rich with us adding the gas? It has been into a well known local main dealer twice, but after 4 consecutive days they said it started fine each time 3 x a day. As soon as I got it home, the next morning it did it twice. This morning, same again. The car itself is absolutely spot on otherwise. Am I to change a sensor next - if so any clues which one? :-)

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13 Feb 2020 07:24 #218425 by Scimike
Replied by Scimike on topic Starting Issues
If it was me I would be looking at engine temperature sensor (for cold start) and the exhaust Lambda sensor.

The trouble with my above statement is I have not looked if it can be applied to the Jimny, ie does it have a cold start sensor and what is the C02 emission like?

It's based on my son's Toyota MR2 which failed MOT emissions but ran fine. Problem was pre cat Lambda, but sensor could have been involved. Same as you, hard to start and sooted up plugs.
So have they check C02 level? High (when hot) but with acceptable HC = Lambda
You can normal use a multimeter to check any temp sensors, but as I said I have no experience of looking for an engine fault on my Jimny.

So if nothing it's just bumped your post back to the top for the more Jimny experienced to comment.
Good luck.

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13 Feb 2020 14:12 #218436 by mickt
Replied by mickt on topic Starting Issues
Was your car in "their garage" each time it started no issue? If so then it could have been a lot warmer than outside assuming your car is not garaged in a warmed garage or is outside!

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13 Feb 2020 21:55 - 13 Feb 2020 22:13 #218466 by skinnymik
Replied by skinnymik on topic Starting Issues
That's a very good point & maybe I should have told them to leave it out during the day. Yes it was inside for the 4 day test. Yes we do keep it outside normally.

Fantastic fresh points - somebody else has just pm'd me about Lambda sensor earths, I think it's certainly worth a check because that sounds like a very familiar symptom.

Thank you - when I get a chance to check the earths etc I'll update the forum.
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