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Adding POIs (speed cameras etc,) to gen 4 SatNav

05 Jun 2019 19:39 #209675 by facade
After some experimenting, here is where I have got to.

You need

A USB memory stick
Some POI data

First off, your memory stick has to have a directory called "myPOIs"

Inside that directory, goes anther directory called "myPOIWarnings"

POI files are CSV (comma separated variables) files, that you can download or make your own.

The format is
Longitude is decimal degrees EAST of Greenwich, and Latitude is decimal degrees North of the equator.

Whatever is in the Name field is the name of the POI, and will appear in the POI search near me listing

If it is a warning you get a beep and the message"approaching Name" I'm not sure if the address & telephone will appear too, the pop-up is big enough. An icon appears on the map after the warning is triggered, there must be an inbuilt icon for a GATSO, as a speed camera icon appears on mine.

To trigger a warning, the warning files MUST be called


You can have more than one, but they must start with myPOIWarnings_

For a normal POI, I think you can call the file what you like, mine is myPOIs.csv and it goes inside the "myPOIs" folder.

Anyway, you just put the USB stick into the socket under the aircon, and it prompts to load data, then if you get a progress bar, it has worked.

You can then search your POIs and POI warnings using the "navigate to" menus.

Where to get the data from?

There are some free resources about, you need to download in GARMIN CSV OR Nissan Connect format. TOM TOM uses a different format, that you can convert but best to get one that doesn't need it.

You can switch Google earth into decimal degrees format and just plonk the pointer where you want and read the co-ordinates off the status bar, or place a marker where you want and the co-ordinates appear in the properties box. You can even save a few points then export them as "my places" then import into your CSV file.

I was hoping that having a 24x24 or 22x22 bmp image with the exact same name as the CSV file would load a custom icon, but it doesn't on mine

If it suddenly breaks, go back to the last thing that you did before it broke and start looking there :)
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06 Jun 2019 06:23 #209691 by Lambert
I'm not going to claim to know what that means or be able to any more help, but thank you facade for the obvious amount of effort you have put into working all that out.

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