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Few questions

07 May 2019 15:19 #207486 by ChrisW
Few questions was created by ChrisW
Hey All,

Been a while since I could dedicate time or finances to the Jimny (buying a house). Getting ready for all that to be over and have some things I need to solve.

Issue 1:
When its been sitting (even overnight), I get a scraping/grinding noise almost sounds like a disc is warped as its very timed to speed. Hard to explain, but its not a constant sound, think of it as its catching on one part of the wheel or disk or something.
I do not believe its the breaks as touching the breaks has no bearing on the noise. Drive for 10-15 minutes and it goes away for the rest of the drive.
Its also quite loud. I also get a slight "death wobble", so do wonder if this is early signs of kingpin failure?

I have checked around the front wheels and cant see any issues.

Issue 2:
Alternator belt squeal, any tricks to getting the belt tensioned well? Its 100% the altenator belt, but when cold it takes about 30 seconds to start. If I am driving it doesnt happen really, only if I stop.

I got it fixed before, using a bar to help apply push the alternator out and give tension while I tightened the bolts, but its just happened again. Is this the only way?

Issue/Question 3:
JimnyBits got stock of the boot panel, so snapped one up as they seam to sell out quite quick. Mine isnt terrible, but I want to get it fixed. I have read that if you plan to do the shocks its worth doing them when the old panel is removed and before the new one goes in.
Is this the case or is it the wheel arches that are in the way?

Problem with new suspension is that I dont know what to do. I WANT the Trailmaster comfort, but its expensive. So looking for something similar for cheaper, since I wont be doing that much off roading to make the £700 investment worth while.

Issue 4:
Getting into 1st and reverse have been getting steadily worse over time. I would LOVE to swap over to automatic from the Manual, but from a thread I made on here, the response was that that is a massive job and best ignored. So I am considering my options. Either a replacement 2nd hand gearbox & clutch, or get my existing one rebuilt. 2nd hand will be cheaper, but could just have the same issue I have now.

Any recommendations on this?

Thanks for all the advice.

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07 May 2019 18:18 #207489 by Riccy
Replied by Riccy on topic Few questions
issue 1:
Not sure, maybe have a look at the disc backing plates or caliper sliding pins (assuming disc isnt warped). If the backing plates are close then any rust buildup might do that. Check for kingpin or wheel bearing wear by jacking up one wheel at a time and shaking it. top to bottom play is wheel bearing usually, side to side kingpins (though not always)

Issue 2:
repeated belt squeal or short belt life usually points to a failing crank pulley (possibly tensioner bearing, but crank is more likley). Bigjimny shop sells them.

Issue 3:
Ive never had any problems accessing the shock top bolts from below, but it would be a lot easier from above.
The jimnybits springs are pretty good, its the shocks that make more difference. The black raptor adjustable look pretty good value.

Issue 4:
VVT jimny? R72 box is poor. Swap it out to an earlier R7ME (and the t-box & diffs), or get it rebuilt. A used one is a bit of an unknown unless its from a post 2009 car (better bearings). Also source the intermediate prop from the 2009 on car (if thats what you end up doing). The earlier props tend to leak at the gearbox end, causing the bearing failure ultimately.

J999 MNY, ULYSSES M18 VVT with ITB's Dyno tested at 130hp

Pickup/tipper, R7me gearbox & 4.3 Rocklobster, 31" Toyo MT, 2x ARB 3.9 diffs in braced axles, 6" total lift, Floating rear conversion, Raptor painted, CB, Recaro's, Caged, etc, etc...


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08 May 2019 08:03 #207511 by ChrisW
Replied by ChrisW on topic Few questions
Thanks Riccy,

Will give the wheels a wobble to see if they move and check the discs. They are only about 5 months old so really shouldn't be warped.

Will check the pulleys over and see how they look and give tensioning another go. It's a pain that the alternator is what tensions that belt.

It's not the VVT, so sounds like a rebuild is the best option. With luck I can find a place that can do it, where I just drop the Jimmy off and pick it up later. New clutch would be a good idea at the same time.

Thanks for the advice

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12 May 2019 16:42 #207791 by ChrisW
Replied by ChrisW on topic Few questions
Thanks Riccy,

Gave the 2 front wheels a wobble, and there was no movement. Pulled the drivers wheel off and the backing plate was touching the disc in 2 places. Bent it back out. The passenger side had loads of clearance.

Took it for a test drive and the noise is gone.

Kind regards,
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