BigJimnyMeet (North) 2024 (12 Jan 2024)

BigJimnyMeet 2024

14th July 2024
Parkwood Nr. Leeds

Booking now closed at 148 vehicles!!!

Looking forward to seeing everyone there

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Poor servicin

21 Feb 2022 20:43 - 21 Feb 2022 20:45 #241956 by Stainless
Replied by Stainless on topic Poor servicin
We were very happy with our new 2006 Jimmy Auto JLX+, and drove it to the main Suzuki dealership where we bought it, for its first annual service. That evening we noticed a small pool of oil under the Transfer Case. Investigation underneath revealed the Transfer Case level/fill plug hanging on by one thread. My guess is the technician put the plug in by hand, meaning to tighten it once he/she had fetched the tool, something they forgot to do. I complained by phone, and declined a return journey there, topping up the oil and tightening the plug myself. At the second annual service, we collected it and when we tried to brake, the pedal went to the floor. A quick look at what the 2 year service included, showed a change of brake fluid. My guess again is the brakes we’re not bled afterwards. Another complaint and another declined return journey, we bled the brakes ourselves. Needless to say, the Jimny has not been anywhere near a Suzuki dealership since. I have enjoyed the annual servicing, the Jimny is so nice to work on.
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21 Feb 2022 21:39 - 21 Feb 2022 21:41 #241960 by lightning
Replied by lightning on topic Poor servicin
Well, we use our local Suzuki dealer (Horderns in Derbyshire)
They have been exemplary in every way, the Jimny is returned cleaned and l've no complaints about the work done.
They also did the door harness recall, and it was done while l waited.

So not all dealers are bad! l would normally service it myself once out of warranty but due to the high values of Jimnys it might be better to keep the book stamped.
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21 Feb 2022 22:34 #241963 by Roger Fairclough
Replied by Roger Fairclough on topic Poor servicin
It is not a requirement of the warranty that servicing has to be done by a Suzuki dealer. As long as the garage is registered their service stamp is acceptable.

Not so for the anti corrosion warranty though, this must be done by Suzuki.


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