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Massive probs 6 months in

23 Nov 2019 19:12 - 23 Nov 2019 19:13 #215911 by Teachywitch
Hi all, I have just had a bit of a shock dropping my 05 Jimny In to two local garages following a new wheel bearing type noise, also asked them to take a look at wheel balancing ... turns out both garages say it is dangerous and unsafe to drive, they are shocked I bought it from a garage.as there are so many things wrong, none of which are new issues. Still pricing job but looks to be over a grand so far plus any other probs arising when they check fully on Monday. I did buy it 6 months ago this week, which I know is borderline re consumer rights.
Apologies for the long post. I am hoping some of you might say this is totally normal for 15 year old car (which is what the seller is saying). Or tell me I need to go to trading standards. Or the problems sound minor and I ust get it fixed :unsure:
Details and email sent to trade garage seller below.
"...The known "Jimny Wobble" has masked lots of serious issues and two garages this week have told me it is dangerous and must not be driven; they are shocked that I bought this from a garage and feel that perhaps this was a part exchange quickly turned around without being checked over fully.
I am hoping we can have a conversation as I apparently paid £4k for a vehicle which is not drivable, worth nothing and with a large repair bill to make good. I am left with no vehicle in the meantime as I have been advised not to drive it, which I need daily.
So far the garage has identified faults and repairs required with the following from an initial one hour check - they will check it over thoroughly on Monday and are concerned that they will find more serious issues.
4WD not functional - vaccuum corroded and back axle prop shaft disconnected
dif very noisy at rear
offside front brake slider seized
offside front wheel bearing 
front swivel joint leaking
nearside front brake pads uneven"
Well done if you are still reading! I appreciate your advice.
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23 Nov 2019 19:57 #215914 by Lambert
Replied by Lambert on topic Massive probs 6 months in
Welcome to the forum.
Front vacuum lines are very prone to corrosion so that is reasonable.
Rear prop shaft disconnected? What the hell for, a Jimny is normally rear wheel drive when in 2 wheel drive. Disconnecting it shows a complete misunderstanding of how the car works. It also means that someone has messed about will the front system to make drive come forward which is going to have been even more of a hatchet job if the front vacuum lines are corroded.
Noise from the back diff is there normally but only very slightly it shouldn't be intrusive and if it is it could be indicative of failing bearings or even worn or damaged gears.
Front calipers are a swine for binding up and need fairly regular maintenance.
Front wheel bearings are usually fairly reliable in standard cars but aren't that hard to change.
Leaking swivel joints are a symptom of failing inner axle oil seals caused by dead or dying kingpin bearings, very common and quite easy to fix.
Pads being uneven are a symptom of stuck brake calipers.

Some serious stuff on that list and I would be wanting recompense if I had been sold a car in that condition.

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23 Nov 2019 20:36 #215915 by mlines
Replied by mlines on topic Re:Massive probs 6 months in
Doesn't quite make sense. If the rear prop is disconnected and the 4wd is not functional then it would not drive at all?

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23 Nov 2019 20:43 - 23 Nov 2019 20:44 #215916 by Fossie
Replied by Fossie on topic Massive probs 6 months in
Most of the list is as said pretty normal and as 1 job is done the others would sorted ...ie..kingpins , bearings , swivel seals , brake pin......should have been sorted before sale on a £4 grand car.

As for rear prop disconnected ...Jesus ...if the vacuum pipes are so badly corroded that the vacuum dosen't engage at the hubs ....then yeah it is should not be driven on the road for any distance ..

How did they do that ? Do they mean front propshaft?
Last edit: 23 Nov 2019 20:44 by Fossie.

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23 Nov 2019 21:57 #215917 by Teachywitch
Thanks, sorry I don't know all of the ins and outs, just going from my notes following phone call from garage. I will raise your point with them on Monday....

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23 Nov 2019 22:01 #215918 by Teachywitch
Thanks for the detailed reply, I will discuss these points with the local garage so they can factor everything in. The seller is currently saying what do I expect for an old vehicle. Grrr!

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23 Nov 2019 22:03 #215919 by Teachywitch
Thanks for replying, sorry I'm not sure, repeating info from garage phone call so I will chat your points through with them on Monday...

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24 Nov 2019 16:14 - 24 Nov 2019 16:16 #215934 by Scimike
Replied by Scimike on topic Massive probs 6 months in
It's all been said above, but I will sprinkle a little more clarity as the Jimny is new to you and I just want to help you with the Monday phone call.

Offside Front caliper sticking - yes it can happen, but it's usually a cheap easy fix when you replace the brake pads. The fact the pads on the other side are worn suggests this is just lack of maintenance in general on the braking system.

Offside front wheel bearing + Front swivel joint leaking - The usual culprit for a leaking swivel joint is the kingpin bearings. This can be mistaken for the wheel bearing which are usually reliable. The parts for the swivel are £45ish per side plus about 2 hours labour. Again an easy enough job and something every Jimny owner will face as rust/ pitting on the swivel ball surface can accelerates failure of the lower king pin bearing.
It could be that the wheel bearing has also failed but it's hard to tell over the internet.

Now the differential / 4x4 system / vacuum system are the bigger problems and quite difficult to determine what's going on from the current description.

Corroded Vacuum pipes - yes they all do that but, unless it's very bad the system should be working. Parts for the pipes are circa £170 and a few hrs to fit.

Disconnected rear axle prop shaft - Now this is the difficult bit, how is it disconnected?
The Jimny is normally driven by the rear axle, so it can only be removed or some how the transfer box / differential disconnected, both a serious problems if this is the case. It then suggests that to get the vehicle moving the 4x4 system has been tricked into driving the front wheels only, suggesting you have a Vacuum system that is working or the front hubs have also been messed with to keep them engaged.
It's hard to tell what is happening or if it was done to hide problems with the rear axle.

So yes some issues are possibly due to the age of the vehicle, but should not have occurred on a well maintained or serviced vehicle.

The issues with the axle and 4x4 system are just wrong, it appears a problem has been masked based on your current description of the faults.

Hope this helps and you get it sorted.

Last edit: 24 Nov 2019 16:16 by Scimike.
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24 Nov 2019 17:49 - 24 Nov 2019 17:51 #215935 by X8GGY
Replied by X8GGY on topic Massive probs 6 months in
I'm surprised you would consider going back to the seller after six months?! Maybe within a reasonable amount of time? Say a month, to spot any existing issues at the tim of sale / just after, but not six months on? These problems must have manifested themselves recently? Otherwise you wouldn't have been driving it around for the last six months?

I agree with what has been said above (mostly by Scimike), most of these points are wear and tear issues that are going to occur on a fifteen year old Jimny.

Let's see what the garage find tomorrow, and we'll all try and help from there on in...

If the vacuum pipes have corroded a cheaper fix would be to fit manual switchable free wheel hubs? Simply unbolt the vacuum hubs and bolt the new hubs on, and then you just twist the knob on the end to engage four wheel drive if needed... with the winter coming up.

Wheel bearings or kingpin bearings are prone to going on a Jimny of this age. there's guides in the Wiki linked at the top of the page, and the parts needed are readily available from the BigJimny store (other retailers are available).

I would hope the rear prop issue is a mis-communication?! You wouldn't have been driving a front wheel drive Jimny around for six months?

Is that buggy finished yet?...
Last edit: 24 Nov 2019 17:51 by X8GGY.
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25 Nov 2019 10:24 - 25 Nov 2019 10:28 #215948 by Teachywitch
Thanks, I bought it from a garage hundreds of miles away and phoned them when I got home to question issues straight away, however they put it all down to quirks of Jimnys and the death wobble. If I'd bought privately I would have taken it to a garage to be checked but having bought from trade I didn't. I mainly take it really steady, drive short distances at low speed but a long trip this week scared the crap out my passenger! I know 6 months is borderline for rights but I've hardly put any miles on it and two garages say the problems are not new. I don't mind some of the smaller maintenance / age issues but if it's deemed "dangerous and unsafe to drive" that's worrying.
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25 Nov 2019 11:27 #215950 by jackonlyjack
In my opinion some garages will say it's dangerous and unsafe to drive, just to scare you into parting with some cash
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25 Nov 2019 12:11 #215951 by CC Baxter
Replied by CC Baxter on topic Massive probs 6 months in
As these issues are clearly a worry to you and Internet based diagnosis can be speculative why not see if there is a forum member in your area who could have a quick look and hopefully put your mind at rest.
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