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2008 vvt hesitating

09 Jun 2019 15:55 - 09 Jun 2019 15:56 #209774 by gilburton
My 08 has now covered 86000 mls. It's started to hesitate at low speeds if in a high gear.
It's almost as if it's a spark plug or it's not quite right or a bit like the old days if your choke was set wrong. It's not a cold car fault as it does it hot or cold.
I would describe it as "fluffing" a bit but only now and then. It's always been quite tractable in a high gear/low speed situation.
I had it in for a basic service and asked them to look at the plugs but they said they seemed fine.
It's like a slight miss. At higher speeds it's fine
Any ideas? There are no faults showing as the dealer had a look as well.
My only thoughts are a sensor, coil pack or plugs??

I started off high and worked my way down ever since :-)
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09 Jun 2019 17:03 - 09 Jun 2019 17:04 #209775 by Scimike
Replied by Scimike on topic 2008 vvt hesitating
Did it have a mini service due to the hesitation or was this symptom only present post service?

If post have a check of anything they will have disturbed, in particular the coil packs, plugs and connectors.

If you don't know how many miles the plugs have on them I would fit new whilst you have the coil packs off, they are only rated to last 10 -30K miles depending upon type, normal or Iridium respectively.
Check the air filter is clean and take it from this point, not saying it's a sure fix, but you have some known good items at this point.

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09 Jun 2019 17:20 #209776 by gilburton
Replied by gilburton on topic 2008 vvt hesitating
No the fault was there before I had it serviced with oils/filters. In fact it's going much better than it was before but this niggly little fault is still there.
I suspect plugs myself.
Years ago in the days of carburettors you would sometimes get the situation where travelling along in a high gear you could get the plugs faltering as the sudden surge of fuel overcame the spark if the plugs were marginal.
The plugs have a lot more than 30k on them in fact I can't recall getting them changed unless the dealer did it at a major service lol
That says something about modern plugs!
I'm still on the same original exhaust back box lol

I started off high and worked my way down ever since :-)

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09 Jun 2019 20:21 #209782 by Riccy
Replied by Riccy on topic 2008 vvt hesitating
If not the plugs, then it might be worth taking the inlet pipe off the throttle body for a look.

Idle air control causes me a similar sounding issue on the 1.6 with liana throttlebody (and IAC valve from liana).

Maybe it needs an 'Italian tune-up' :laugh:

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11 Jun 2019 11:48 #209848 by kirkynut
Replied by kirkynut on topic 2008 vvt hesitating
This might be tricky to diagnose until it gets worse. Perhaps buy a cheap code reader and keep checking for codes when it happens.

I had a similar issue on my BMW where when I gave it some wellie it went into limp home mode. For a good week or so it gave me no codes but turning it off and back on again fixed it until I booted it again. Eventually it gave me a code for misfire on cylinder 3.

I knew it was a coil back breaking down but this told me which one. I replaced it and the problem was solved.

I suspect it's a similar situation for you as it's when the engine is under strain it happens.


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11 Jun 2019 13:47 #209851 by Lambert
Replied by Lambert on topic 2008 vvt hesitating
I know it doesn't match most of your symptoms but are the brakes freely sliding on the hangers?

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11 Jun 2019 14:30 #209854 by S200KYS
Replied by S200KYS on topic 2008 vvt hesitating
My gold daily drier 2005 VVT Jimny has started doing what sounds like this too... it almost feels like fuel isn't getting through for a second or two as the engine hesitates, so I've ordered some new spark plugs (from the BigJimny store of course) to see if this wil solve the problem... I've no idea when the plugs were last changed...?

Wandered off for a bit... ;)

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