28/01/12 - Whats gone on so far...

Hi all welcome to my first ever blog!


I will give you a update so far, after learning in a corsa i wanted something to get muddy in. A mate at work offered me his slightly damaged 1999 Jimny and i fell in love (something i would never admit to the girlfriend!)

He she is on the day i collected her (after a quick wash of course!)

Little Jimnys First Picture


Now here in Jersey there is no clear byway laws and finding them is down to driving around and looking for protentual tracks which are scarce most are access track for farmers fields but thier is a few goodens out there!

My first time exploreing the hidden world of Jersey




I started to get brave!!



I was really impressed with the capabilties of this little 4x4, all it had was some old M/Ts from a SJ and it could go anywhere i deared for it to go!

But now it was time to make this little Jimny my own!

Starting out with something simple (and somewhat pointless)

LED Sidelights!


No garage for me :( the great outdoors are my workplace


Ok maybe i went a little LED mad...

Then it was time for a sound upgrade...

A few Kenwood 3 way speakers sorted that out



They deffently did the trick much better then the originals, However that spare wheel was looking in need of some TLC

Rubbed down and in primer then....

A coat of white! much better!

Didnt stop there though! Got the KAP Front Trim for my birthday and a set of Ring Fog Lamps so i fitted them both

I also got (with some spare crimbo money) a CB radio

However i needed to fabricate my own bracket to attach the aerial

Done out of 6X40mm Stainless Steel that should be strong enough!




Holes drilled tab bent and gusset welded

I decied to weld it onto the wheel carrier taking care not to fowl the wheel or rear window wiper

Seams to fit perfectly!


That is just about where i am up too hope you enjoyed reading so far!

Untill next time... JJ