‚ÄčThe UK SZ5 specification Jimny has DRL (Daylight Running Lights) fitted. Whilst the main headlights on the SZ5 are LED, the DRLs are plain old Tungsten. Therefore they look yellow when on and are generally mis-matched to the overall look of the car. Therefore I have upgraded the lights to LED. It is a simple task of replacing the bulbs however the correct bulbs are required. This is because the system checks the bulbs as part of its "health" check. The way it does this is to check the current through the bulbs. Tungsten bulbs have a certain resistance which plain LEDs do not have. Also different cars expect different resistances. Therefore you have to get the correct bulbs with the right internal resistance fitted to keep the Suzuki electronics happy.

Bigjimny store sells the correct bulbs for the UK SZ5 system here: https://www.bigjimny.com/store/drl-led-bulbs.html

 The pictures show the before and after. Below is a video of how to fit them.