Well not such a good day out. It poured with rain at Broxhead today and we got soaked through. Very quickly after arriving we were going to climb a hill in the mud run when there was a bang from underneath and we lost 4WD. Once we had winched out a quick inspection showed that the drivers side front wheel rotates happily on its own, so either the halfshaft has snapped or the CV joint has failed. I would put money on the CV joint as this is the weakest part and the steering gets very stiff on full right lock. I unbolted the freewheeling hub to ensure nothing could jam and we drove home very carefully!!! Also disappointing were the brakes, they were extremelt spongy and the handbrake was very poor. I guess I still have some work to do somewhere on the brake conversion.

Still there was one highlight of the day. We did winch out a very stuck V8 Range Rover!

So its back into the garage.

Now if only I had won the Euromillions on Friday!