Transfer box from Lada Niva installation

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The idea is to cover the topic of replacing the factory Jimny transfer box (either with mechanical lever control or with electric push-button control) with a transfer box from a Lada Niva - the procedure, the benefits, issues and risks.

Some people have allegedly accomplished this.

There are two main advantages of having a transfer box from Lada Niva in a Jimny:

  1. It gives full-time dual-range 4WD with manually (un)lockable center differential in the transfer box - the same design like in a Land Rover Defender for example!
  2. The low range gearing reduction ratio in Niva's transfer box (I think) is not a round number as opposed to Jimny's idiotic ratio of exactly 2.
    • Having a low range gearing reduction ratio of 2 means that the 2nd gear and 4th gear in 4WD-L mode are effectively the same as 1st gear and 2nd gear in high range, respectively.
    • So with a low range gearing reduction ratio of 2, two low range gears are essentially "wasted" - those two gears do not bring anything new compared to high range mode.
    • It is not currently known what is the exact reduction ratio in Niva's transfer box, but if it is anything higher than 2,0 (if it's 2,3 for example), that makes it very interesting.

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