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A simple one this, but a common problem in some usage scenarios.

If you wade in deep water or wet mud, the Bell Housing fills with mud. The Clutch Release bearing slides on a shaft and the mud stops it. On the SJ series this was pretty much terminal as the access is limited to a small timing hole and the tinplate at the bottom. This makes it really difficult to clean.


The good news is that this task is simpler on a Jimny. The diagram below shows the overall clutch mechanism. Parts 1 and 11 are the cable mounting and removable cover, which can be found under the car on the drivers side (UK), halfway up the bell housing.

Figure 01 - mechanism diagram

Simply prise of the cover (1) by using a large, flat bladed screwdriver.

With the cover removed, the clutch release arm is exposed and you can reach a low pressure spray inside and clean the shaft and bearing. I used a Garden Sprayer and I also lightly lubricated the shaft afterwards, although it is possible that lubricant will encourage mud/dust to stick in the future.

The picture below shows the cover removed.

Figure 02 - clutch release arm cover removed

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