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It appears that most people do not realize that the Jimny has a cabin / pollen filter, or at least has the facility for a cabin filter.

Most manuals never refer to it, even in the OEM Service Guide.

A lot of people, particularly those who drive off-road, are tired of the clouds of leaves that hit you in the face when you open the fascia vents. Fitting a cabin filter is straight forward once you know where it is hidden.

If your Jimny already has a cabin filter installed (but you have not been aware of it), the filter is probably heavily clogged.

Old, dirty, clogged cabin filter
  • This is an example of a cabin filter which has not been changed for at least five years.
  • This filter was almost white when it was new.
  • That picture was taken after the leaves and grit were brushed off off from the filter.
  • The weight of that dirty filter was around 800 grams!

Required parts

The filter itself

The part numbers of Suzuki's genuine cabin / pollen filters for Jimnys are:

  • 95860-81A00
  • 95860-81A01
  • 95860-81A10

All three should be mutually compatible (same dimensions etc.) and the differences are probably "only" in the filtering quality / capability.

Brand new Blue Print ADK82502 cabin filter

Additional notes and warnings

  • The appearance and construction of a cabin filter may vary slightly from one manufacturer to another.
  • Some filters are one-part, like in the picture of a dirty filter above.
  • Some are two-part, and the parts can be glued or taped together (like in the other picture above).
  • Always make sure to check the dimensions of a filter when buying.

  • The quality and capability of a filter may vary significantly from one manufacturer or model to another.
  • The main difference is in the presence or absence of various filtering elements which filter out certain things.
  • It is highly recommended to use a filter with activated carbon particles, but be prepared to pay a higher price.

  • Blue Print's ADK82502 filter used to be a two-part construction with embedded carbon (charcoal) particles.
  • However, there have been recent reports of "sightings" of the same filter model which was an ordinary paper filter in a single-part case.
  • So, if buying this filter model (or any other filter model for that matter), double-check with the seller on what exact filter is in the box!

Filter cover

Genuine cabin filter cover
  • You may wish to consider buying a spare cabin filter cover at the same time.
  • The part number of Suzuki's genuine cabin / pollen filter cover for Jimnys is: 95423-81A01
  • The suitable cover is also offered in BigJimny Shop.

Warning Icon.pngIt is common to break the filter cover when removing it as the plastic becomes brittle.

Changing / Installing a cabin filter


Spanner Icon.png
  • Assorted screwdrivers or blade

Warning Icon.pngI cannot emphasis too strongly how easy it is to break the old cover!


Passenger footwell
  • Here is the filter cover, up underneath the dashboard on the passenger side of the vehicle

Here is the cover in the footwell

Open brake caliper
  • First remove the glovebox.
  • This is done by flexing the sidewalls so the plastic retaining lugs can drop past the edge of the fascia.
  • Lower the whole glovebox away.
  • I am using a screwdriver with the end protected by a cloth to stop it marking the fascia, as I use it to prise away the retaining lugs.

Cabin filter cover retaining clips

Glovebox dropped open
  • The filter cover is retained by small clips on the end.
  • The tip of the scewdriver points to where the clip is (hidden).

Using blade to prise clip
  • Warm the plastic filter cover.
  • Either use a hairdrier or allow the car's own heater to warm the car (on re-circulate setting).
  • If the plastic is cold it is more likely to fracture.
  • Insert a small blade into the filter retaining lugs and gently prise it away from the edge of the moulded catches on the heater body.
  • Do this a bit at a time alternating front and back.

Inserting the cabin filter
  • If you have a UK Jimny, you are more than likely to find an empty hole now (full of bits of leafs).
  • Simply insert the cabin filter.

Press the new cover on
  • Gently press the filter cover back into place.

  • Don't think that you will be immune to breaking the filter cover - here is mine!

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