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07/01/08 - Speen

January 2008 took TV4x4 club back to Speen. This small site to the north of High Wycombe provides muddy trails through woodland with a few hidden bombholes.

Just getting to the site was an exciting trip, early morning frost coated the approach road with ice which caught me out and saw the Jimny travelling sideways down the raod before I managed to the recover the skid.

Yet again the Jimny performed well, showing up a couple of heavier Landrovers (and heavy footed drivers!) with its much lighter approach. The muddy surface was very slippery which saw vehicles sliding off the track in all directions.

However the day was not without problems, by the end of our outing the brakes were making a terrible grating noise from the front which could be felt through the pedal, I suspect the front pads are worn down to the metal. Also the handbrake was jammed in the down position, perhaps something such as a branch is caught under car. Therefore we called it a day just after lunch and returned home to clean down the car ready for repairs!

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04/01/08 - Tom's Jimny

These pictures are from Tom Marrion of his smart looking Jimny.

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04/01/08 - Fitting a Snorkle

Not my article and not my Jimny - but a good article I thought you would like to see.......

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31/12/07 - Air System - updated

The Jimny is fitted with an ARB difflocker in the rear axle. These difflocks are operated by compressed air, therefore an air source is required. If you purchase an ARB brand compressor these have a small air tank built in that permits operation of the locker but if you want to have more air, suitable for other accessories or for inflating tyres then a large air system is required.

The previous owner installed a VIAIR air tank system combined with a T-Max compressor but only carried out a quick minimum installation.......


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31/12/07 - Wiring Modifications - Updated

As can be seen in the problems section, the Jimny wiring needs some serious attention - see Wiring!

A whole series of accessories have been fitted and the wiring for these needs to be rationalised and tidied up. In many places domestic mains cable has been used and lies loose on the floor.

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