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Winch Problems!

We went down to Oxley's Shaw to help out on repairing some of the hazards on the site. Afther winching some logs I went over to the Bombhole to re-tension the cable onto the winch. The strain of winching the Jimny proved too much and the winch burnt out! It was not a difficult pull so something was wrong. I took the winch apart and it was entirely burnt out, I think that there was a problem with the brake and it was winching not only the Jimny but was fighting the brake, the winch was destroyed.

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25/05/08 - Adding a CB Radio

CB Radio is used in offroading, either for keeping in touch on a Play site or whilst green laning. With all the switch gear and other dash board wiring there is no room below the dashboard for the CB. Therefore I had to find somewhere to fit the radio.

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Another Shock Absorber mount gone!- updated

So having fixed the Offside Rear Shock absorber mount I (see HERE), I am now facing the failure of the nearside mount. Avid readers will remember that the Offside failed when the bolt unscrewed itself and fell off, stripping out the threads of the retainer on the way. I discussed this with other people and the believe is that the natural swinging action of the shock absorber loosens the bolt. I believe that on the Nearside mount the effect is opposite, with the bolt being continually tightened.

Over the weekend the Nearside rear shock absorber took a hit which finished off the rubbers inside the mount. I went to remove the shock absorber and found it impossible to shift the retaining bolt. Eventually the inevitable happened.......

Broken Rear Shock Mount

The bolt sheared offFrown

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Changing a wheel bearing

After the TV4x4 outing to Childrey Quarry we came home on a trailer after the wheel bearing failed on the way home.


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06/03/08 - Childrey Quarry

So for out March event, TV4x4 went to Childrey Quarry just to the west of Wantage.

Being a quarry it consists of a lot of "ups and downs" and rock.



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