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28/06/08 - The Trailing Arms (not the name of a pub!)

So the loud clonk (see HERE ) has been located.

I took off the wheels and removed the rear trailing arms. At first the arms looked ok, whilst the rubbers show signs of wear they are certainly not worn out. However a glance back at the mounting point showed the real source of the problem....


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26/6/08 - A loud clonk!

My Jimny has gained a significant clonk when letting up the clutch, there is also a lot of drive chain "shunt" and rubber "squeaking" whenever the back axle is exercised in any way.

I have crawled underneath and pushed and pulled things.
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18/6/08 - Damaged axle - update

When I returned from Avon Dassett the other week my rear wheel bearing had failed.

I have replaced the wheel bearing and just taken the car for a test drive.

There is a lound "Rub Rub Rub" noise, consistent with the rotating of the wheel. Its loud enough to almost be a "Clunk Clunk Clunk" noise.

The noise stops when I gently apply the brakes whilst driving.

I have stripped the drum off and I think I can feel some sort of "Rub" in the system as I rotate the axle shaft by hand.

I have also taken this video of what looks like a wobble, but perhaps the centre ring is not straight anyway?

Is the axle shaft bent? Is the axle housing bent. Strangely enough when I had the shaft out I did think I saw a slight twist in the splines.


So now I have had a quick look

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08/06/08 - Rons' Jimny

Here is a real little beauty we came across at the AWDC event at Hogmoor today.

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2/6/08 - More drive train issues

Well following my day out and the June 2008 TV4x4 event at Avon Dassett a few more problems raised their ugly heads. We had a good days driving but it is a long haul back on the motorway for such a small, modified vehicle and it really took its toll.

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