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23/06/08 - What tyre size

The most common question asked about Jimny's is what is the largest tyre size I can fit on a standard vehicle.

As mine was already lifted I cannot comment on the validity of the following, I have just picked it up from websites as I went along.


Standard Tyres are 205/70/15 which are 27.11 inches in rolling diameter.

The largest size people seem to have fitted to an unmodified Jimny is 215/75/15 which are 27.7 inches in rolling diameter.

With a 2" lift you can go to 235/75/15 which are 28.8 inches in rolling diameter, some trimming of the wheel arches may be necessary.

With a 3" lift you can go to 265/75/15 which are around 31", again trimming is required.

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