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24/03/09 - Pro Comp Shock Absorbers

I was sent this a long time ago but only came to look at again today, thanks to Simon for finding it.

First the part number breakdown for Pro-comp shock absorbers.

1st digit denotes product type: (1=ES1000, 3=ES3000, 9=ES9000)
2nd, 3rd, and 4th digits denotes extended length of the shock. (215 = 21.5")
5th digit denotes mounting (top/bottom)
0 = loop/loop
1 = stem/loop
2 = loop/stem
3 = stem/stem
4 = 2" loop / 2" loop
5 = LG. stem / 2" loop
6 = LG. stem / lg.stem
7 =  loop / LG. stem
6th digit denotes mounting hardware included in the box.

The front of mine is fitted with Pro-Comp ES9000s marked with the number 920515

Which decodes as ES9000, 20.5" Extended Length, Stem/Loop, Mounting Hardware? - this is for a 3" Lifted Jimny.

The rear of mine is fitted with Pro-Comp ES3000s marked with a barely readable number 3xx5x3

27/03/09 - Rocklobster Update
23/03/09 - Jimny "Death Wobble" - UPDATED

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