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Destructive dog advice?

14 Mar 2018 21:04 #190413 by Young Pretender
Yakuza, you make some really excellent points about leadership and how to manage dogs however in the instance of the OP and also the example I gave, the dog is not misbehaving as a result of leadership or how well trained it is - it’s being destructive as a result of boredom.

Everyone always comments on how well trained our dog is and they are not wrong. This is due to many many hours of reward based training and lots of love and attention BUT also very firm corrections in very infrequent situations, and only when other techniques have failed or there is imminent danger. Of course you can say ‘no’ to a dog when you get home and find they have destroyed a part of your house and they should understand that but this will not be enough to override their mentality when left alone in the house again and in the ‘bored zone’.

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